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    Clique bar is located on the 3rd floor for those of you who want to relax and enjoy live music accompanied by beer, the best wine and cocktails that are prepared to suit the Tasted of Indonesians.

There are several cocktails that are a favorite by loyal Clique bar visitors. You can try cocktails with interesting flavors. Rain fall, Bee knees and Shooter Sharing.

  • Bee Knees
       Bee knees are still mixed with gin, camomile tea, fresh lemons, and honey. It’s sweet, refreshing and healthy to drink. Does not taste like a cocktail. This drink is suitable for those who want to try cocktails with good taste.
  • Shooter Sharing
       This is a favorite cocktail menu that is usually ordered by customer clique bar, shooter sharing. Cocktail itself named Black and White, a blend of kahlua, baileys, and vodka. Taste? certainly sweet and strong. Cocktail shooter sharing is not placed in a cocktail glass but in a shooter glass. So the size is small, other than that the cocktails will burn and you can see the beautiful blue flame.
  • Rain Fall
       The first signature cocktail at Clique Bar, Mixture between Gin, Campari, White egg, Fresh lemon. So you can feel the freshness when you drink Rain Fall. Soft pink color makes this cocktail look feminime and it is suitable for drinking women.
    For those of you who live in the area of ​​Tangerang and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to come to Clique Kitchen & Bar. Food, Drinks and Places at Clique have satisfying service. In addition, Clique often organizes events by inviting high-end local DJs, of course, Princess Joana has only ever come to the clique.

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