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If you live in the Tangerang area and really like parties, You don’t need to go to Jakarta, which is far enough and very traffic which makes the party mood disappear. Why? Because there is Clique who will overcome everything.

If you don’t know about this place, Clique is a restaurant and bar and pub which is located in the Summarecon Gading Serpong complex. So before having fun, you guys can eat- then first at the restaurant? All in one package!

Although it is located in the same building, aka one building, the hours of operation are also different from the Kitchen Clique which starts open starting at 10 AM until 10 PM. Clique Bar itself opens from 6 PM to 3 AM.

So far there is no entrance fee, but you have to pay the FDC aka First Drink Charge only at certain events. Neatly dressed and casual; as long as it’s neat and don’t wear sandals!

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