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When setting foot on the 1st floor, a fairly spacious room with a modern and classic interior is a lounge. The relaxed atmosphere immediately feels when you go deeper into the lounge located on the 1st floor of Clique Kitchen & Bar. The music of slow and jazz makes the feel of a classic also increasingly felt. Not just a classic, a lounge that was created Clique Kitchen & Bar is also very elegant. Looking around the spacious room is quite impressive.

Really comfortable to unwind. If you come to visit the lounge at Clique Kitchen & Bar to unwind, then you have come to the right place. Make Clique Kitchen & Bar as an option to relax when tired is a good decision. Because the atmosphere in this lounge is very supportive. We leave first floor, then we went to the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor Clique Kitchen & Bar turned out to be a restaurant.


It was unexpected, the restaurant on the 2nd floor was very beautiful and charming interior. It would be more fun if come along with idol of the heart to Clique Kitchen & Bar Especially on the 2nd floor, because the atmosphere is very presented romantic supported by dim lighting makes this room more cool and peaceful. Very suitable to enjoy the moment when being alone with a boyfriend. A comfortable atmosphere and a clean place feels like being spoiled by the atmosphere home. Like the lounge and restaurant in general, Clique Kitchen & Bar provides a variety of menus and drinks that are diverse.
Clique Kitchen & Bar offers Asian Fusion food menu. However, there is something unique about the food menu typical flavors of Southeast Asia at Clique Kitche & Bar, which is combined with Western and Italian dishes. The menus include fish popsicles, Chicken Basil, Chicken Rosemary Noodle, Viatnames Spring Roll, Ramen Cheese Burger, Pizza Tortilla & Beef, Honey Glazed Squit, Aglio Olio.
There are also dessert menus such as lava cake to healthy Garden Salad food. Of the many menus, Pizza Tortilla & Beef be the most preferred menu at this Clique Kitchen & Bar. It’s called Jugalounge & Bar, of course it’s easy to find a drink alcohol, like cocktails or mocktails, wine and beer. A large selection of wines at Clique Kitchen & Bar to try, start from wines from Italy, Spain, France, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa to Hungary.


For the cocktails or mocktails menu there are 3 choices to try namely Rain Falls, Strain Shooters and Bee Kness. One of the most recommended cocktails menu is Shooters Sharing. Its cocktails named Black and What consist of This combination of Baileys, Kahlua, and Vodka creates a blend of sweet and strong taste. The presentation was spectacular! Ie the coocktails are poured into a small glass, then the cocktails are burned directly in front of the customer who ordered them. Blue Fire which lights up right above the shoter glasses is quite amazing.
This cocktails menu is a must try! Especially if you come together with friends. Definitely exciting! 1st floor already, 2nd floor also already. Well, it’s time we discuss the 3rd floor which has been waiting for its review. What’s on the 3rd floor? Yes, 3rd floor specifically for the Spot Bar! The place that has the most fun for these parties is indeed located on the 3rd floor. However, the place is not too spacious because it is divided into 2 bars. The interesting thing about Clique Kitchen & Bar is the spot bar documentation which can be changed according to the customer’s taste.
In addition, Clique Spot Bar provides several live music programs every week. And in various events, Clique Spot is not uncommon The bar also invites top class local DJs, one of them is Princess Joana. In terms of sound system is quite high quality! Waitress friendly and alert, as well as the okay bartender.
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